Industrial Ultrasonic Atomizer Fogger Humidifier Head Outdoor Cooling Mist Maker

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Industrial Ultrasonic Atomizer Fogger Humidifier Head Outdoor Cooling Mist Maker

Product Description


♥ The stronger adaptability of atomized water quality, using pure water or tap water can work normally.
♥ Transformer scope is wide, guarantee it can still normal use even if the voltage of power supply has big change.
♥ Equipped with transformer polarity protection circuit,which can prevent damage atomizer when we connect the wrong the negative and positive.(if we connect the wrong negative and positive, it will not work )
♥ Start delay circuit, to avoid damage to the circuit because of big current when we let them work.
♥ A single nozzle line using the independent design,and adopt the over-current protection circuit, so if there is any one of nozzle which was damaged,which will not affect the other nozzle.

♥ The machine current affected by voltage and temperature is less, because of current of each nozzle adopt electronic automatic adjustment, then working voltage and temperature will have less effect for the total working current.

The working current will reduce with temperature increasing.but it does not affect the mist amount

It is to avoid the power tube which is too hot,and current increase. Then damage to ultrasonic atomizer. 

♥ Adopts the high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistant ability, good mechanical strength of the metal shell, reducing temperature difference between ultrasonic atomizer interna and water. then prolong the service life of the product.
♥ Low temperature and big atomizing quantity design

♥Shell adopts stainless steel




TypeXQA5000Power Supply 100-120v. 220-240v

Atomizing Quantity

Above 5000ML

Working Voltage

DC 48V
Working Frequency1.7MHZLED1pcs
Working Temperature1-45 ℃Diameter of piezoceramics20mm
Over-temperature Protect55℃Cable1.4m
Water Level70-90MMMaterialStainless Steel

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Product Uses


♥ All kinds of humidifier
♥ Cold fog beauty machine
♥ Oxygen bar lamp 
♥ Rockery, adornment miniascape
♥ Handicraft products produce fantastic spray humidification effect
♥ Also can be directly used in the home of ordinary container
♥ Maintain indoor appropriate moisture, make skin healthy and moist environment.
♥ If add a drop or two of sweet fume fluid in the water or disinfectant, will bring you a clean sterile,full chamber waves sweet,like a fairyland of the ideal space.
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Packaging & Shipping


After-sales Service ProvidedFree spare parts
Atomizing Quantity(per hour)>5500ml /hour
Keywordultrasonic atomizing piezoelectric transducer
MaterialStainless steel
Mist Output (gallon / day)>5500ml /hour
Output Voltage36V AC/DC
Place of OriginBeijing;China
Power SourceElectric
Product nameoutdoor cooling mist maker
Typeultrasonic humidifier;XQA5500
Warranty1 Year

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