HS-BX01-4Line Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine with 2.5mm2 Cable Peeling Stripping Cutting Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

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Automatic Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine

Model: HS-BX01-4LINE

Wire Range Size: 0.1mm² -2.5mm²

Electric Wire Stripping Machine

Wire Stripping Machine Specification :

Product     Name    :   Automatic Wire Cut & Stripping Machine   ;

Model   :    HS-BX01-4LINE    ;

Wire Range Size :   0.1mm²  -  2.5mm²   (AWG13-AWG27)  ;

Cutting Length :  1-99999mm

Stripping Length  :  Front stripping  1 - 30mm , End stripping 1 - 30mm ;

Wire Guide Pipe Size I.D :   2mm ,   3mm ,  4mm ,  5mm  ;

Wire Guide Pipe Size O.D :  3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm ;

Stripping Drive Mode  :    4 Wheel Drive ;

Cutting Blade  :   Tungsten Carbide Blade ;

Speed Adjust :  Can , from 1-9 ;

Power :      AC220V ,    AC110V   ;

Tolerance :  ±0.2%*Length   ;

With Stripping Machine Standard Parts :  4set Wire Guide Pipe,  1set (4pcs) for soft wire plastic yellow roller, 1set(6pcs) hand tool for open the screw ;

Pneumatic Connection :  Optional for blade cleaning ;

Wire Guide Pipe Moving Mode :   By motor without noise and stable ;

After Sales Service :   Technical English Engineer Support you,  Anytime when you running happen some problem we have english engineer talk with you , no need worry translate wrong or mis-understand your meaning, save your time and make communication easy ;

Remark :   All kind of Wires can Customized ;

Copper Wire Stripping Machine Blade Details Show :

Electric Wire Stripping Machine Wire Guide Pipe Show:

We will put 4set (4pcs)with machine together

English Version and English Operation Panel Show:

Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine for assembling place

Below is Fully 1 set wire stripping machine

Full Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping Machine Processing come out Samples

Here if i Put Information not enough ,Please Contact with me i will inform you more about

wire cutting and stripping machine information, thank you ~

After Sales ServiceTechnical English Engineer Support you
Cable Cutting Length1-99999mm
Cable Stripping LengthFront 1- 30mm End 1-30mm
Model NumberWire Stripping Machine
OriginMainland China
Stripping Machine PowerAC220/50Hz AC110/60Hz
TypeMale to Male
Wire Cutting Blade Materialtungsten carbide
Wire Cutting Speed Adjust1-9
Wire Guide Pipe Size I.D2mm;3mm;4mm;5mm
Wire Peeling Range Size0.1mm2 - 2.5mm2 (AWG13 - AWG27)
Wire Stripping Drive Mode4 wheel drive
Wire Stripping Machine ModeFull Automatic

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