Fully Automatic Computer Cold and Cutting Machine Cuff Cloth Cutting Machine Ribbon Webbing Elastic Band Cutting Machine

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Fully Automatic Computer Cold and Hot Cutting Machine Cuff Cloth Cutting Machine Ribbon Webbing Elastic Band Hot Cutting Machine




Pdoduct nameAutomatic computer cold and hot cutting machine
Product modelHDK-998
Power supply220V 50/60Hz
Cutting length(mm)0.1-9999.9mm
Cutting speed30-120pcs/min
Feeding width1-95mm    
Cutting precision0.1mm
Cutting thickness0.2-5mm
Machine power0.4W
Size (L×W×H) 400*310*310mmmm
Feeding motorStepper motor
Cutter motorAC motor
Cutter materialHigh-speed steel
Machine toolCold knife/hot and cold


Function characteristics of small automatic computer cold and hot cutting machine:


1. Using microcomputer control, the length, speed, quantity and temperature of the ironing mouth can be adjusted arbitrarily.
2. It has a wide range of applications, and all kinds of materials such as ropes, belts, wires, sleeves and other materials can be cut.
3. According to customer needs, various shapes and styles such as flat cut, bevel cut, parallelogram, trapezoid, arrow, etc. can be customized. The angle of the cutter can be adjusted at will.
4. The integration of cold and heat can realize simultaneous cutting of multiple materials, doubling the efficiency.
5. Equipped with automatic alarm, fast sensing speed, automatic shutdown without material, saving material.
6. The operation is simple, instead of manual labor, one machine can hold 3 to 5 people.





















It is recommended to purchase a single eager tape cutting machine for materials with high requirements for sealing and ironing effect

1. Cold and eager cutting: you can cut zippers, Velcro, plastic hose, paper,
Thin wires, ear ropes, cuff straps, nylon wire and other materials.
If the ironing effect is not high, you can also cut elastic tape, webbing, round flat rope and other materials.
2. Single hot cut: can cut helmet webbing, elastic band, nylon rope, round flat rope, braid
The material with higher requirement for edge ironing effect, such as woven mesh tube, makes the sealing edge effect more beautiful.





Material application


Suitable for cutting all kinds of webbing, ribbons, satin ribbons, ribbons, elastic bands, ear straps, elastic bands/ropes, magic stickers, hook-and-loop fasteners, PP ropes, elastic ropes, cotton threads, braided net tubes, plastic hoses, yellow wax Tube, insulating sleeve, cloth strip, cloth label, washing water label, shoulder strap, waist belt, cuff zipper, braided belt/rope/line, nylon belt/rope/line, polypropylene tape/rope/line, fiber tape/rope/ Thread/tube, shoelace, rib belt, seat belt, backpack belt, flat cable, nylon yarn and other accessories.



Cut shape


Two-sided fillet cut, single-sided sharp corner cut, single-sided bevel cut, two-sided sharp cut, two-sided straight cut, quadrilateral bevel, trapezoidal bevel, two-sided arc cut, single-sided arc cut, arrow-shaped sharp cut, single Fillet cut, middle punch cut

These shapes are not completed with the same model, you need to confirm with the customer service, and send samples to customize.













technical parameter


Machine model: HDK-998
Cutting knife material: front steel
Machine tool: cold knife/hot and cold
Machine power: 220V 50/60Hz
Machine power: 0.4W
Feeding accuracy: 0.1mm
Cutting length: 0.1-9999.9mm
Cutting speed: 100-120pcs/min
Cutting thickness: 0.2-5mm
Feeding width: 1-95mm
Machine weight: 23kg
Machine size: 400*310*310mm
Feeding motor: stepper motor
Cutter motor: AC motor
Temperature adjustment: 0-350 degrees
Machine type: cold cut, hot cut, cold cut
Cutting style: straight cut, bevel cut, round cut, arc cut, sharp cut, punch cut
Machine use: rope, belt, cotton thread, sleeve, braided net tube, nylon wire, zipper, etc.


Diverse styles to fully meet your various requirements


Different materials can choose different thin materials, shapes, color matching, receiving materials and other model configurations


After Warranty ServiceVideo technical support;Online support
After-sales Service ProvidedVideo technical support
Applicable IndustriesManufacturing Plant;Printing Shops;Energy & Mining;Other;Advertising Company;Fabric accessories
Automatic GradeAutomatic
Brand NameHaidike
Core ComponentsMotherboard
Cutter material23KG
Cutting length(mm)0.1-9999.9mm
Cutting precision0.1mm
Cutting speed100-120pcs/min
Driven TypeElectric
Feeding motorAC motor
Feeding width1-95mm
Key Selling PointsMultifunctional
Local Service LocationNone
Machinery Test ReportProvided
Marketing TypeNew Product 2020
Packaging MaterialPlastic;Paper;Metal;Wood
Packaging TypeCartons;Wooden box
Place of OriginGuangdong;China
Power supply220V 50/60Hz
Product nameAutomatic computer cold and hot cutting machine
Showroom LocationNone
Video outgoing-inspectionProvided
Warranty1 Year
Warranty of core components3 years

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