PPR Pipe Cutter 14-65mm/50-120mm Dual-purpose Scissor for Composite Pipe PE Plastic Melt PVC Pipe Cutter Blade

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2022 New Portable Pipe Cutter Plastic 110-200mm Pipe Cutter PVC/PU/PP/PE Tube Pipe Wire And Cable Cutting Tool Cutter

Instructions for use
1. Press the cutter circlip, open to the maximum diameter of the cutter, put the pipe fittings to be cut, and press the cutter circlip to clamp the pipe fittings (Note: the cutter must be perpendicular to the pipe fittings and must not be loosened or tilted)
2. After completing the first step, rotate the knife holder clockwise about 1 turn and press the blade slightly into the pipe (do not screw the knife holder directly)
3. After completing the second step, rotate the cutter 1-2 turns around the pipe and draw the cutting hub (note that the cutting hub must be connected end to end)
Straight cycle operation 2 and 3: Rotate the knife holder 1 turn, and rotate the cutter 1-2 turns around the tube to complete the cutting.
Package includes: 1 piece of cutter
This cutter is mainly used for the cutting of plastic pipes, such as: PPR, PE, PVC, aluminum-plastic composite pipe and other ordinary pure plastic pipes. It is not recommended to cut metal pipes with higher hardness, such as stainless steel pipes, cast iron galvanized pipes and various steel pipes.
The advantage of the cutter is that the cutting is neat and the error is reduced. It is recommended to use a cutter to cut plastic pipes with a diameter of 40mm or more. Although the operation is slow, after all, the cutting is smooth and easy to install hot melt. Generally, the scissors sawing machine will be cut obliquely.

Blade materialMn. stee 65 blade
Common TypeMulti-purpose Scissors;Plumber Cutting Tools
Cutter size14-65mm 50-120mm 110-160mm
Cutting useBrass;Staineless steel;Aluminum;PVC;Copper
MaterialAlloy Steel
Model NumberPVC Copper Pipe Cutter;PPR Pipe Cutter
NameHand tool 110mm pipe scissor
Name 2pipe scissors
OriginMainland China
Pipe diaup to 110mm
Product namePipe Cutter
TypeHand Tool Parts
UsageCommercial Manufacture
withblade for cutting

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