10 Head 5500ML Water Mist Spray Industrial Mist Maker Ultrasonic Fogger Atomizer Humidifier

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Products Description
5500ML Water Mist Spray Industrial Humidifier use electronic overclocking shock (shock frequency of 1.7mhz, more than the scope of huming hearing,no harm to the human body and animals ), through the atomization of high-ferquency resonant , the water from the surface and produce natural and elegant water mist , without heating or chemical agents . Water mist contains a lot of air anion and moisture , can increase the air humidity and fresh air , breathe the freshness of nature , moist air .

Product Main Features:

1. Stainless steel shell, good heat dissipation, long life
2. Water level sensor to prevent the atomizer from dry burning
3. Built-in temperature control protection switch (chip), working temperature 5-45℃
4. Detachable ceramic disc, easy to replace, the service life of disc is up to 3000 hours

Product Application:

------- Industrial application: Textile humidification system, Electronic workshop anti electrostatic humidification system,
Car maintenance disinfection equipment, Household purification equipment, public washroom deodorization devices, Disinfection system for public places (station, theater)
------- Agricultural applications: edible mushroom and bird's nest humidification system,The supermarket fruits and vegetables humidifying equipment, Tobacco humidifying system, Stockbreeding disinfection system
------- Misting Demonstration application: Stage smoke equipment,smoke fog screen projection
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Our Advantages
Product Usage Scenarios
After-sales Service ProvidedNone
ApplicationCar;RV;Outdoor;Hotel;Garage;Commercial;Household;Atomizing Humidifier
Humidification Amount5500ml per hour
input current4.6~5A
MaterialStainless steel
Mist Output (gallon / day)5500ml per hour
Place of OriginBeijing;China
Power (W)250
Power SourceElectric
Power supplyAC:110-240V DC:24V 650mA
Private MoldNo
Product nameUltrasonic Atomizer Mist Maker
Timing FunctionNo
Typeultrasonic humidifier
Voltage (V)220
Warranty1 Year

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