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Pneumatic Terminal Crimp Machine

WPM-5ND  Penumatic terminal crimping machine

WPM-5ND  Penumatic terminal crimping machine


Pneumatic terminal crimping machine,Pneumatic Wire pressing pliers WPM-5ND

WPM-5ND  Penumatic terminal crimping machine

The this product adoption double action standard cylinder drives and have in pressing to connect force and pressing to connect velocity high-efficiency and high-quality merit.Be applicable to very much amid, the terminal of amount of significant amount press a connecting use.If need to press to connect a terminal form diverse, should even select this product HC-01 and our company press the fixture of connecting and have a good compatibility the manufacturing hand work.Have the terminal of having various styleses to press to connect fixture can be provided as purchase
HC-01 Pneumatic terminal crimping machine for crimping many kinds of terminals (just change the dies)


Broad application range
High precision, Economical & user-friendly
Extremely low maintenance
Ultra-quick changeover, setup and cycle times, micro-adjust




Crimping range

Non-insulated terminals   16m

Pre-insulated terminals  6 m

Needle tube terminals    35 m

Press capacity


Barometric range








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