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Pneumatic Terminal Crimp Machine

Pneumatic Type Terminal Crimping Machine WPM-90L

Pneumatic Type Terminal Crimping Machine WPM-90L


The crimping dies used for WPM-90L are interchangeable. There are many types of crimping die sets for selection. We also can customize crimping die sets for special terminals.

 WPM-90L can replace the manual crimping tool. You can work free from the boredom, repeated manual crimping mode with the pneumatic crimping machine, the crimping speed is 10 times of the manual crimping tools, it has a greater cost advantage, and it is applicable for the international standard welding or tubular electrical connection termination crimping, the materials of the precision die sets is made of high quality alloy steel by the special heat treatment process, it is with the advantages of fast replacement, quick crimping, reliable firmness after crimping.

Product parameters

Model :WPM-90L

Crimping range: 6-95mm2 for non-insulated terminals

Air pressure range       0.5~0.8MPa


Weight :9.3Kg

Overall dimension : 330×150×160mm

 Accessories included

Air tube  2

Foot air valve 1

Operation instruction  1

Product introduction

This product uses the double-acting standard cylinder driving, has the high efficiency and high quality advantages on the crimping force and crimping speed. It is applicable for crimping large quantities of terminals. If the diversified forms of crimping terminals are used. Our company have many kinds of crimping die sets for selection

WPM-90L is the first crimping machine in the world for crimping the non-insulated terminal of 6~95mm2 with the air source. The machine can provide extremely convenient and quick service for the user to greatly promote the practical value and convenient use of the tools. The parts of the crimping machine are made of the special alloy steels by many precision stamping after heat treatment, the sections are smooth and flattened. The crimping die sets are made of super hard tool steel with the advantages of long life, accurate aperture size and good crimping effect. The terminal mode can be hexagonal type or point type after crimping with different crimping die sets. Each crimping machine shall be equipped with 1 set of crimping dies, the customers can select different crimping die sets according to different requirement.


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