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Twist Tie Machine

JW-L18-45 Automactic cable wire coil winding and binding machine

JW-L18-45 Automactic cable wire coil winding and binding machine


JW-L18-45 Automactic cable wire coil winding and binding machine



1.Semi-automatic winding&bunding machine takes advanced technology and precision manufacturing,winding and tieing  AC cable ,DC cable, data line, vedio cable, other electric wires and twisted bundles.Wire heads can be on one side or two sides. Winding and tieing are complete at one time.

2.This work efficiency is three to four times faster than working by hand. Ending the history of huge labour and hurting fingers as well as saving high cost of owner.



1.The machine is controlled by PLC or controller and touch screen display. Speed of winding cable, number of circle can be set up at random according to users’ requirement.


2.This machine can display actual production quantity at any time, also set up quantity of each carton. When the quantity reach setting quantity, machine will automatically alarm and shut down.


3.When something wrong during work, the machine warn operators immediately. In order to set up machine, both automatic switch and manumotive switch are available.


ModelJW-L18-45 Wire winding and binding machine
Model:  JW-L18-45
Winding  range:50-250mm
Binding  range:18-45mm
Twist  shape:Round,  long,  8  shape
Voltage:AC220V  50HZ/60HZ
Available  wire:AC  cable  ,DC  cable,  data  line,  vedio  cable,  other  electric  wires  

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